Problems with PCA web site

  octal 22 Aug 11

Often when I'm trying to reply to a post or start a new thread I keep getting this

I have to make sure I copy the text before I post in case it gets lost, if I forget to copy it I end up not bothering post, it must be putting other people off posting as well.

Or is it just me getting this problem?

  octal 22 Aug 11

Sorry, maybe this should have been in the Helproom.

  octal 22 Aug 11

Send thoughts, don't worry it's not important.

  buteman 22 Aug 11

It has been like that since they opened the new browser.

Sometimes it will not post and if you don't copy it you sometimes loose it when you press refresh.

Never had your particular problem yet.Just the failure to post which they are still working on.

  Chegs ®™ 22 Aug 11

I use firefox & whenever I get a failure to post,I dont need copy the text just hit refresh & try again.It doesnt work with IE though,if I refresh the page it will delete my post.

  octal 22 Aug 11

This is what the link points to

They probably already know about it, hence my reasoning it isn't important because I'm sure it would have been fixed by now as it's been happening for some time now.

By the way, if I click OK it does delete my post and if I forget to saved it, poof, its gone.

  spuds 22 Aug 11

Its not just you getting the problem. There is this problem and similar others regarding copy and paste and lost threads when posting, which have been passed onto PCA. I posted a request regarding correction updates to the new website last week, and was informed that there would be update replies the next day on individual problems that were being corrected. Haven't noticed any new information or further responses yet from PCA?.

  simonjary 22 Aug 11

We are looking into this, I assure you.

We thought we'd have answers to report last week, but this has dragged into another week, which is frustrating for all of us, I know!

We think we've isolated the problem and are working on the best solution. I spoke to our development guys about this today, and we hope to have a fix in the next few days.

Thanks for your patience!


  octal 22 Aug 11

Thank you for the feedback Simon.


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