Problems with Banking

  flycatcher1 09:26 25 Jun 12

Unfortunately I chose last week to deposit what, for me, was a sizable cheque with Nat West. It would appear that nothing has moved on my account since last Tuesday.

No chance of accessing the cash and all I get from the Bank are apologies and platitudes. Furthermore assistance is only available in Branch.

Maybe I should reactivate my account with First Direct but then........?

  Mr Mistoffelees 10:30 25 Jun 12

Back to the tin box under the floorboards methinks!

  woody 10:32 25 Jun 12

While I do agree the bank problem should be sorted asap - however most of the complaints appear to be people living "hand to mouth". Do we really have so many with no food in the store cupboard to cover them for a few days?

  Woolwell 11:23 25 Jun 12

"Do we really have so many with no food in the store cupboard to cover them for a few days?" - Yes. FoodBanks are required in many places.

What I do not understand with this problem is why there doesn't appear to have been an adequate back-up/system restore procedure in place. Perhaps they should come to this site for advice!

  spuds 11:45 25 Jun 12

They appeared to have a back-up system, it was called opening their bank doors on Saturday and Sunday. That is the banks with counter staff remaining?.

There's £billions being transferred around the world every day, and quite a lot of people are praising these services, insisting this is the way forward, and a few members of this forum regular state this.

Yet I have perhaps been one of the lone voices, that have often asked the question about power failures, faulty software, poor maintenance etc. And what would happen then, only to be told in a rather robust manner that I am a gloom and doom maker.

Its possibly not surprising that some of the people doing the most shouting or complaining now, are the very same people who insist that electronic banking was or is the way forward?.

  spuds 11:49 25 Jun 12


Its just not about food, some people use plastic or banking electronics for most things, including their bar bill nowadays. Storing food or carrying cash is very old fashioned nowadays?.

  interzone55 14:01 25 Jun 12

I was quite surprised to hear at the weekend that most banks are running on computers rather older than most.

They installed mainframes in the late 80's early 90's that are still running.

The current woes seem to stem from that common problem, a botched software patch.

The IT manager responsible is probably dangling from patch lead as we speak...

  SimpleSimon1 14:19 25 Jun 12


"The IT manager responsible is probably dangling from patch lead as we speak"

Maybe, but I'd guess that the Project Testing Manager will be head down in the mincer, first!

Although I have no experience of IT Banking, I have plenty in Engineering IT. In most IT areas (and I have no reason to assume that banking is any different), updates to 'mission-critical' software are never carried out without serious and extensive testing (both unit and end-to-end). That being the case, either the tests scripts weren't comprehensive enough or they weren't carried through properly. If there was some sort of hardware failure, maybe you could lay some blame on the IT manager but even so, that still means that appropriate hardware failure scenarios weren't part of the test regime!

Will be interesting to see what the true story was when it leaks through into the technical press - and it will :-)

  spuds 14:28 25 Jun 12

"The IT manager responsible is probably dangling from patch lead as we speak"

They could also say, that "there is no time-scale for fixing the problem". I have heard that twice in the past week, when asking questions about mal-functioning internet services.

It would appear by reports that they (the specialists) haven't a clue as yet, what as caused the problem.

  interzone55 16:11 25 Jun 12

fourm member

That is ridiculous, as there's always a slight delay with generators, then a spike.

They should have an online UPS with at least 5 minutes capacity to give the generator time to stabilise...

  QuizMan 17:15 25 Jun 12

It could be worse. All this is bringing back memories when I started work with Westminster Bank (the West part of NatWest) in 1967. One of my early jobs was working late in a local branch feeding reels of punch tape through a transmitter. It worked 7 out of 10 times. I taught myself to read binary in an effort to sort out errors.

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