Problem Solving?

  Input Overload 13:55 24 Oct 06

I installed a new CPU heatsink & Fan this morning, but due to the size of it I had to move the PSU to one side & remove 3 cards. After finishing I attempted to boot up: Nothing there! I tried all the cables, I fiddled around with all the cards, etc for half hour or more. By this time visions of buying new a new mainboard/PSU/CPU were floating around in my head so I had a cup of tea. I then had a look around as some sanity had returned.

I looked at the input cable to the Pc & found the problem, the output on the Uninterruptible Power Supply Was off. Doh talk about starting at the beginning for problem solving, I’m still not entirely de-stressed, yet. :-)

  GaT7 14:45 24 Oct 06

Yeah, we all make these silly mistakes, don't we?! "I’m still not entirely de-stressed, yet. :-)" - I wouldn't be either ; ) G

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