Prisoners lose compensation claim

  jakimo 17:34 19 Feb 11

Judge decides prisoners are not entitled to £5000 compensation for loss of voting rights..Some reports are claiming that the prisoners will have to contribute toward the court costs.
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  Covergirl 19:16 19 Feb 11

Let's hope they don't get the vote either

  morddwyd 19:29 19 Feb 11

""Any remedy is to be sought in Strasbourg and not the domestic courts," he said. "

"Representation of the People Act 1983, which has been held as incompatible with Article 3 of the European Convention. "

"the fact that the 1983 Act was incompatible with a prisoner's Convention rights arose because of the blanket nature of the ban,"

"I hold that there are no reasonable grounds in domestic law for bringing a claim for damages"

In other words, the UK law is wrong, but I can't do anything about it.

Try the European courts.

  Gosford 23:52 19 Feb 11


  SparkyJack 10:36 20 Feb 11

In some measure they have denied or violated some one of their 'Human Right'
It follows therefore it seems to me, that it is right and proper that whilst that individual serves their term, their 'Rights' are suspended, and return only on full discharge.

  Quickbeam 10:41 20 Feb 11

Why can't the establishment see the bloody obvious as everyone else sees it?

  carver 10:58 20 Feb 11

I just hope that the solicitors working for these prisoners have some very large costs they have to pay.

  morddwyd 20:11 20 Feb 11

"There is no question of this Government denouncing the European Convention on Human Rights" says Ken Clarke

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(I know it's the Mail, but it's a direct quote)

I'm afraid our judges can say what they like, it is non-binding so long as we subscribe to the Convention.

Strasbourg is supreme.

  namtas 20:15 20 Feb 11

Would you really expect Ken Clark to say anything other?

  morddwyd 08:43 21 Feb 11

Of course not, he's a loyal Tory, toeing the party line and sticking to government policy.

  natdoor 08:55 21 Feb 11

There are many elements of human rights covered by the legislation. I assume that you do not believe that all of these, including the right to life and freedom from torture, for, example, should be removed. It is therefore necessary to define which rights should be removed, beyond the right to free association, while in prison.

It may be bloody obvious to you and, sadly, to many others but that doesn't mean that your view is necessarily correct.

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