"Prisoners Involved in Riot Could Face Charges"

  morddwyd 19:31 02 Jan 11

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Could? Could?

What's wrong with "will" face charges, or would that be against their human right to riot?

They should never have done away with the Governors' right to reduce remission, leaving prison staff with little or no sanctions against recalcitrant prisoners.

  uk-wizard 20:18 02 Jan 11

Now would be a good time to start on their rehabilitation. A tent and some brickworking tools and let them rebuild the place as they are learning a trade.

  peter99co 20:38 02 Jan 11

The morons involved would have problems making the bricks never mind putting one on top of another.

The Tent idea is viable though.

  Legolas 21:22 02 Jan 11

I am getting increasingly annoyed at how the authorities seem to have to tiptoe round prisoners in case they should offend or infringe their human rights, when one breaks the law all but the very basic rights should be automatically withdrawn.....or am I being naive?

  OTT_B 22:16 02 Jan 11

How naive you are being depends on what you think "basic" rights are.....

  wee eddie 22:30 02 Jan 11

is the residence of choice

  spuds 22:37 02 Jan 11

Prison Minister stated " We must learn the lessons to make sure it does not recur".

Now I wonder where I have heard that before?.

Only the other day, I was reading were a prolific burglar is suing the Prison Services " because they have stolen some of his items, while being transferred between prison".

You just cannot believe it, or can you?.

  QuizMan 22:41 02 Jan 11

They'll be wanting the vote next.........oh!

  ams4127 23:13 02 Jan 11

Two prison officers and four support staff for 480 prisoners????

And this is a prison.......!

  rdave13 23:15 02 Jan 11

I can't believe someone suggested 'tents' for someone burning down his/her home which is supplied for free. Let them sleep in a safe compound, feed them, clothe them and let 'em shelter themselves. Simples.

  mole44 04:51 03 Jan 11

At least if we get to clear up the mess some of them made,perhaps there "drunken japes" will bring home reality that i you have to clear up your own mess. if you punish all of them then the ones who perpetrated theact will hopefully find retrebution will metered out by those who weren`t involved so justice will be done.Tents are a good idea if there good enough for our forces then there good enough for this scum of humanity.Human rights don`t get me started how about those of the people they commited the crime on.

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