Premium Bond winners this month

  BT 21 Jun 12

Having just received my June prizes (£150) I was checking on the winners list and noticed that with only a few exceptions all the bigger winners, including the £1,000,000 one, have holdings of £5000 or less.

Premium Bond winners.

This is unusual as generally the majority of the higher value prizes tend to go to those with the bigger investments.

Checking back on my winning numbers this year also shows that my bigger wins have come from the same batch of numbers.

My return on investment so far this year = 1.22% tax free almost up to the 1.28% for the whole year last year.

  BT 21 Jun 12


Read the columns wrong in the link.

  johndrew 21 Jun 12

Don't knock your winnings, some of us seldom get more than £25 a month!!

  johndrew 21 Jun 12

Don't knock your winnings, some of us seldom get more than £25 a month!! Perhaps it's time to cash them in and invest in the horses!!

  johndrew 21 Jun 12

How on earth did that double post happen. I was typing at the time.

  Woolwell 21 Jun 12

Some of us get less than £25 per 5 or 10 years!

  lotvic 21 Jun 12

It's been so long since I got a prize I'd almost forgotten I had some Bonds.

  Aitchbee 21 Jun 12

I cashed in all of my bonds 'bout seven years ago, to help pay for my flat...which has quadrupled in value, I reckon.

I got a 70% discount under right-to-buy.

I miss the 'excitement' of opening up a prize envelope, though.

  Nontek 21 Jun 12

Many many many years ago, I won what was then a fair amount on the football pools, so was able to 'invest' £500 in Premium Bonds! Ha, I would have been better just leaving the money in the bank, at least I would have earned some Interest. As it was, after many years of not having a single 'win' I cashed in the bonds and have not tried again since.

  ams4127 22 Jun 12

I've had bonds since 1964. Nothing!


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