Practice your links here

  Graham. 18 Apr 11

Be my guest, practice posting links on here.

  Brumas 18 Apr 11

link text Sorry, couldn’t resist it ;o}}

  Proclaimer 18 Apr 11


Sausages are links...

  Proclaimer 18 Apr 11


That's better!

  Proclaimer 18 Apr 11

So, type the linked word then select the globe for the link. sorted

  Proclaimer 18 Apr 11
  Graham. 18 Apr 11

Brumas, more practice required, methinks.

  john 52 18 Apr 11


Lets see if this works

  john 52 18 Apr 11

No more practice needed

  john 52 18 Apr 11
  wiz-king 18 Apr 11

The resurrection man cometh.


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