Posh gets work in the USA!

  Zero G 17:56 12 Jan 07
  Al94 18:01 12 Jan 07

Wouldn't entice me to buy it!

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:15 12 Jan 07

'Hugh Hefner, 80, and his Playmates. Bridget Marquardt, 33, who shares Hefner's affections with Kendra Wilkinson, 20, and Holly Madison, 26,'..../me deeply impressed ;-)))))


  Monoux 18:28 12 Jan 07

Me deeply jealous :o)

  €dstowe 18:52 12 Jan 07

I find that idea quite nauseating.

Why not picture a few matchsticks tastefully displayed on some cushions?

  Spencer. 18:57 12 Jan 07

Keep the stick insect out of the magazine.

Guys, do an image search on those 3 lovely ladies ;D How does an 80yr old cope? If he needs help managing all those lovelies he can call me!

  wee eddie 19:35 12 Jan 07

Amazing isn't it.

Don't hold your breath

  VoG II 21:22 12 Jan 07

What is it with you guys? Jealousy I suspect because you are basically a talentless bunch of individuals who cannot be bothered to get off your bottoms and do something useful apart from picking up fag packets or whatever you do.

Or maybe you are expecting to be awarded a Nobel Prize for 'having a go' at anybody who has achieved something that you could never aspire to.

But she is too thin - I have to agree on that.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 21:25 12 Jan 07

I am forced to agree. Ib is easy to rubbish people when you have to shop at Aldi.


  Forum Editor 21:27 12 Jan 07

I agree with every word. Thanks for saving me the effort of typing.

  Spencer. 21:33 12 Jan 07

VoG no need to suspect jealousy I made it completely obvious I am! :P What guy wouldn't? I'd trade anything to switch places with Hugh for a day!

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