Poppy stall row 'cost £1,000'

  peter99co 19:39 05 Nov 08

Health and Safety and Council Rules are blamed for this shambles.

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Moved after Fifty Years to satisfy who?

  peter99co 19:56 05 Nov 08

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This year it was told to move by Nottinghamshire County Council because of health and safety concerns.

  Condom 20:15 05 Nov 08


Thanks for the second posting as after 5 mins I was still no further than 30 seconds on the first. Could blame Virgin again but who knows.

Perhaps if the "council" spent more time trying to enforce other regulations like installing a disabled ramp to the front steps of the Bank in the story or even getting rid of the billboard or street signs that are obvuiously hazards for the blind then things would be better.

I'm not a poppy buyer for personal reasons but some "jobsworthy" people need to justify their salaries and positions especially in the current financial climate.

  canarieslover 08:54 06 Nov 08

I don't know what has happened this year to the Poppy Appeal but I have had great difficulty finding a collector. They had been noticibly more scarce in the last few years but this has been the worst in my area. I hope we aren't forgeting those who died for their country.

  The Brigadier 09:18 06 Nov 08

Nottinghamshire County Council will get bad press for this!

  jack 09:24 06 Nov 08

Tell me a council county or otherwise that gets a good press
Sack the lot of 'em

  Bingalau 10:55 06 Nov 08

canarieslover. I think the keen sellers/collectors were the older people who knew all about suffering. Most of them have now passed on I'm afraid. There seem to be plenty of poppy selling points in shops and supermarkets etc. Certainly no excuse for not buying one. A quid each seems a reasonable price to me too. Or more if you have it to spare of course.

  Grey Goo 11:20 06 Nov 08

Not as though it's a permanent fixture, cannot think that there are that many weddings in November and it's a registry office not a Church ceremony anyway. The little Gauleiters strike again with their small minds and weasel words.

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