Poor soul deserves a holiday at our expense

  bob. 14:53 02 Nov 11

He is understood to be suffering from fatigue due to overwork and has taken leave following medical advice.


  gengiscant 15:28 02 Nov 11

Leave the man alone,bankers are people too.

  Forum Editor 17:56 02 Nov 11

I agree with gengiscant, if you're ill,you're ill - what you're paid has nothing whatever to do with it.

A large number of lazy, idle people who have no intention of doing a hard day's work if they can possible avoid it are in no danger of making themselves ill through over-work, of course.

  Al94 19:00 02 Nov 11

It happens and can have serious implications so no reason to comment or gloat!

  MAJ 19:03 02 Nov 11

When I see a link with "Daily Mail" in the url I just think.... Ho-Hum.......

  daz60 19:14 02 Nov 11

Excuse me,

"Fatigue".....£8 million....i am tired..should i go on sick leave.!!!!!

The idle 'few' will look upon this as inspiration.

He is in a high powered position where stress is factored into his remuneration package and then he claims that the stress is too much.!!

I suggest he hangs up his pinstripes.

  Admiral Allstar 23:03 02 Nov 11

"Excuse me,

"Fatigue".....£8 million....i am tired..should i go on sick leave.!!!!!

The idle 'few' will look upon this as inspiration."

So people with a large salary cant get sick. Jeez some people will take any inhumane view to bash a banker.

  Forum Editor 23:11 02 Nov 11


"stress is factored into his remuneration package"

What a ludicrous thing to say.

People who shoulder a lot of responsibility do expect a certain amount of stress to come with the territory, and they have to handle it as best they can; that applies to ambulance crews, firefighters,doctors, and Chief Executives of major banks. The stress levels can vary however, and sometimes people crumple under the strain. It isn't their fault, and they have my sympathy. I've seen it happen,and it's not pleasant.

Saying that stress of that kind is 'factored' into a remuneration package is ridiculous.

  morddwyd 08:49 03 Nov 11

I had six weeks off work (my longest ever sick spell) in the 90s because of stress.

The total hopelessness of my attitude to the future frightens me still.

I suggest some of you keep your glib remarks to yourself unless, or until, you have been online looking at suicide methods because you can't open a pot of jam (thank God for an understanding GP).

Walk a mile in another man's shoes etc.

  Strawballs 10:51 03 Nov 11

He must be in the wrong job if he can't take the stress pressure always has been and always will be part of that sort of job and they know that before they take on those jobs!!

  Woolwell 12:00 03 Nov 11

Fatigue due to overwork is not the same as stress although they may be related. Guardian's view

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