Pom poms on trees as a crime deterrent?

  Forum Editor 05 Mar 13

Police in Leicester are hanging knitted pom poms from trees in the hope that they will reduce the fear of crime in the area.

  Quickbeam 05 Mar 13

I don't think I'm convinced...

  Aitchbee 05 Mar 13

... I feel sorry for those poor naked [leafless] trees who don't have any say in the matter ...

  Forum Editor 05 Mar 13

I expect to see a story about a mother claiming that her child has been traumatised by a water-soaked pom pom falling from above.

That or a report that all the pom poms have been stolen.

  Quickbeam 05 Mar 13

Who says the FE has no sense of humour now?

...and in two threads before lunch.

  Quickbeam 05 Mar 13

And speaking of interesting tree hangings, has anyone that's travelled along the A40 between High Wycombe and Stokenchurch ever noticed the famous Stokenchurch Shoe Tree?

  carver 05 Mar 13

If those pom poms are fitted with cctv cameras then it may give me more confidence or people will look at where they are and stay clear because it denotes a high crime area

Quickbeam after reading your link and this little bit, "More than £265,000 pounds of heritage lottery funding was granted to The Chilterns Woodlands Project to help provide a definitive answer"

I'm starting my own tree, so any volunteers to start my shoe tree, any old shoes gladly welcome and that includes any WTM can't repair.

  morddwyd 05 Mar 13

If the pom poms were the type fitted RN destroyers during the war I can see it working very well


  fourm member 05 Mar 13


It is important to read the whole of a news story because then you get to the bit where it says;

'The lottery money to the Chilterns Woodlands Project was for a four-and-a-half year project to collect data and carry out research on special trees in the area'

Or, putting it another way 'Please ignore the nonsense we wrote at the start'.

Equally, if you read the FE's link you'll see that there was a community event in the park on Saturday aimed at getting local residents to take it back from the real or imaginary threats that it holds.

Decorating the trees was part of that event not the purpose of it.

  Forum Editor 05 Mar 13

"Decorating the trees was part of that event not the purpose of it" I note that the piece says 'Many of the decorations were strung up as part of a community event' So not all of them, then.

"Leicestershire Police hope the "guerilla knitting" or "yarn bombing" will encourage more people to use Bede Park and Great Central Way."

I wonder how many residents agree. As one of them said: "I don't understand why wool would change people's perception on crime and stuff like that. I don't understand why woollen balls are going to fix something."

Which is my feeling exactly.

  fourm member 05 Mar 13

Try this video from the community police officer for the area.

He talks about following on from this being done in the city centre. Here's that story.


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