Poll: On which type(S) of device would you prefer to use Windows 8?

  PC Advisor 07 Aug 12

Microsoft's revolutionary new OS is set to launch in the very near future - we want to know what device you are most looking forward to using Windows 8 on.

Let us know.

Poll: On which type(S) of device would you prefer to use Windows 8?

  Bing.alau 07 Aug 12

I'm still using XP but thinking of lashing out on an iMac soon. Why do they keep changing the system? Is the previous one broken? Or is it a money thing?

  OTT_B 07 Aug 12

I've got no plans on Windows 8 at the moment, unless the Media Centre add-on has some major functionality improvements. W7 is working perfectly well for my uses on desktop, and vista on laptop.

All the mobile devices in the house are running Android, which again, works perfectly well and none will need replacing for the foreseeable future.

Sorry MS, not much business from me this time round!

  Quickbeam 07 Aug 12

My XP & Win 7 machines ain't broke yet.

  canarieslover 07 Aug 12

I used the release candidate for a while dual booting with Win 7 and did not find it very intuitive. I accept that there learning curve whenever you switch to a new O.S. but this was one curve too far. Perhaps I'm getting too old but it shouldn't be a case of teaching 'an old dog new tricks' but increasing the usefulness of the ones already learned. With my experience so far its got to be a big 'Won't be using Win 8 from me.

  wee eddie 07 Aug 12

I plan to buy a W8 Tablet almost as soon as it is launched.

I shall just wait for long enough for any major glitches to be identified and solutions to be activated.

  wiz-king 07 Aug 12

As I only use desktops for home and work I don't think I will bother. ( just had my last Win 3.1 machine fail - sob sob.)

  john bunyan 07 Aug 12

I an happy with W7 and will only consider a change if my desktop needs replacing in a couple of years or more. My laptop will stay on W7. If W8 works on an iPad I might buy one.

  bremner 07 Aug 12

I have been trying out the beta and am very underwhelmed.

As I only use Windows (rarely) on a bootcamp partition om my iMac i will be sticking to W7.

  morddwyd 07 Aug 12

I've been using the preview version on a touch screen laptop for a month or so.

As I've said elsewhere, I find myself having to reboot to Win 7 (which works just as well with a touch screen if you set it up right) after about 30 minutes of use.

I won't be upgrading.

  Joseph Kerr 07 Aug 12

No plans for Win 8. My desktop is still young, and I'm about to buy an Android tab and/or a netbook (or something more netbook size with decent laptop spec, android or windows).

I've only seen Windows 8 in youtube videos. I'm unimpressed so far. Though I don't know if I will be sufficiently underwhelmed, when the time comes, to actively avoid having it on a new desktop; path of least resistance and all that.


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