Poll: What do you use your tablet for the most?

  PC Advisor 04 Jun 13

What do you use your tablet for the most?

Let us know in our poll.

Poll: What do you use your tablet for the most?

  Aitchbee 24 Jun 13

I've gotta 7" tablet... and I've also gotta USB internet modem dongle which works with it in harmony [in the house, anyway]. I will be shortly experimentin' with the 'tablet 'n' dongle' combo to accesss [in synchronous sound via personal stereo headphones ] the commentaries of horseraces on the 'big-TV-screens' down at my local 'cos if you are sittin' too faraway [from the action] you can't tell [ or make out the sounds or colours or numbers of the horses and exactly where your money is going].

  Aitchbee 24 Jun 13

... I could be on to a winner!

  Joseph Kerr 25 Jun 13

62% use them mainly as cameras? Really?!

  WhiteTruckMan 25 Jun 13

I see tablets as merely an expensive toy. I simply don't see the user interface as being sufficiently accurate or friendly for serious work. Touchscreens work well enough in limited applications, but they are not for me. Thats not to say that I don't like the devices. Quite the contrary, I love having a fiddle with them. But no way would I have (and pay for!)one.

In fact, I'll go further and say that in my opinion touch screen access is somewhat of a blind alley in terms of computers, although less so with phones.

Reactionary? maybe. Wrong? Well I bet some certainly think so. But I think touchscreen tablets are more 'trendy' than usefull.


  Noldi 25 Jun 13

e-mail Internet Skype And entertainment while travelling. Sad thing is I do frequent PCA less now I use an iPad because its very slow loading the home screen.


  Dragon_Heart 26 Jun 13

Stellarium !

Pity I can't power a webcam with it for use with my telescope !


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