the poll vote

  terryf 00:01 09 Feb 07

I would prefer the poll to also include 'None of the above' because none are significant to me

  Totally-braindead 00:05 09 Feb 07

This comes up all the time with the Poll. I presume they ask the questions a particular way for a reason.
If none of the options fit in with what you think then don't vote.

  terryf 00:08 09 Feb 07

I haven't and don't intend to but idly wondered why the 5th option wasn't there.

  rodriguez 00:10 09 Feb 07

That would actually be quite a good idea - most of the market share is Microsoft and Apple but not all of it, so "None of the above" would cover the rest of the products that get released. Anyway it's a pretty tough one. I'd say it's a toss up between Windows Vista and the iPhone, however they're both pretty expensive so I won't be getting either just yet. I had the Beta version of Office 2007 and it was good, but it didn't offer anything I wanted that wasn't already available in Office 2003 even though it had a nice new interface. I always just wait for something to become useless and unusable before I upgrade...

  GRFT 08:40 10 Feb 07

If all the people who usually vote omit to do so this time, then their votes will surely be included as "Don't care."
That's the way I usually look at it; and unusually I did vote this time.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:13 10 Feb 07

Here is a novel idea..if no category applies to you do not vote at all. I know it is probably radical thinking for some but who cares.


  terryf 11:25 10 Feb 07

Not voting does not show anything except apathy, all I am saying is a suggestion to allow a vote to say that in the opinion of the voter none of the options have any real significance.

  anskyber 11:30 10 Feb 07

I'll bet there is a pretty standard number of responses to the Poll. A low turnout, as it were, would give the message of "don't care" or "no opinion".

  Sapins 21:16 10 Feb 07

I'd like to see an option to remove the poll without voting, it really gets on my nerves sitting there until another poll comes along.

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