Poll: How many devices in your home are connected to the internet?

  PC Advisor 03 Oct 13

How many devices in your home are connected to the internet?

Bear in mind that there are there are many other internet-connected devices that might not be immediately considered after the usual smartphone, laptop, tablet and PC – such as: satellite or cable set-top box, bedroom alarm clock, security camera, games console, printer, television, digital camera, Blu-ray player, picture frame, home-cinema projector, NAS drive, baby alarm…

Let us know in our poll.

Poll: How many devices in your home are connected to the internet?

  Blackhat 03 Oct 13

At the moment there have been 51 veiwings of this thread so how do you get 132 votes in the poll?

  Forum Editor 03 Oct 13


You've assumed that everyone who votes in our polls does so via this forum, but That's not the case

Scroll towards the bottom of the page in my link, and you'll see where the other votes come from.

  Flak999 03 Oct 13

Is it just me? Or do the colours on the pie chart seem to be different from the percentage scores on the left?

  wiz-king 03 Oct 13

3, two desktop & one laptop

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 03 Oct 13

The way my band width has suddenly decreased I suspect every household on the street has their devices connected through my router (wonder how they got hold of my router passkey)


  Blackhat 03 Oct 13


Didn't know about that page, this site is so sluggish these days I only visit the Speakers Corner forum now and then. I don't have enough time to visit other forums or pages any more.

  lotvic 03 Oct 13

Flak999, not just you. The colours on the pie chart are different from the percentage scores on the left. Would have thought pca could have got that bit right...

  HondaMan 03 Oct 13

Main Computer 2 X laptops iPad 2 X Kindles (one Fire HD and one 1st edition) Mobile iPod Touch TV Sky Plus HD

  woodchip 03 Oct 13

Two Desktops, Laptop, netbook, and talktalk Uview Box

  Matt Egan 04 Oct 13

Dunno what is going on with the crazy pie chart. I'll get one of our crack team of developers to look at it just as soon as they turn up/put down GTA.

Blackhat polls are on every page on the site, and the forum accounts for only around 7 percent of total site traffic. I expect that forum users vote more than do casual readers (that's why we love forum users) but as you point out there are always way more votes than views of the thread.


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