That Polker Room ad

  Gingermum 19:07 02 Mar 07

.. is a pain. I know I have my security set to high in IE but every time that ad is as the top of a page, the rest of the page doesn't load. It's OK when it's at the side of the page. I've no problems with any other ads.
I'm not going to alter my security for one ad. I just refresh until I get a different ad. But what's causing it? pain in the posterior.

  lotvic 19:59 02 Mar 07

I can only suggest you use your Adblocker then it won't be a problem

  Forum Editor 20:49 02 Mar 07

why do you have your IE security setting on 'high'?

  namtas 21:01 02 Mar 07

You may be tying down a lot of the useful features of your PC perhaps unnecessarily by having such a high setting. Interesting comparison of what each level does at the bottom of this page.

click here

  WhiteTruckMan 21:31 02 Mar 07

interesting link, thanks. bookmarked for later perusal in depth.


  Gingermum 06:19 03 Mar 07

WhiteTruckMan - thanks for the in-depth info.
I have been a heavy user of computers for over 14 years and do a lot of research which means you visit a lot of sites you're not sure of. I have also been aware for almost all that time of the dangers of malware. It is only in the last few years that software became available to protect us from malware. Previous to that the only way to protect yourself was to customise your security settings in your browser which let's face it, have been appallingly low. That is how I have been able to keep my computers clean over all this time. And quite frankly, I still think IE 7's settings are too lax if you're visiting the unknown. You might like to read click here
If I have problems with trusted sites, I stick them in my trusted zone. I'd rather surf with messages asking me permission to run scripts and ActiveX controls than spend ages getting rid of malware.

  interzone55 20:39 03 Mar 07

Now, I'd rather watch a Polker room than a Poker room. I fail to see the attraction of gambling. If you've got so much money you can afford to throw some of it away, then why not give it to charity, then it can do some real good.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:20 04 Mar 07

I assume that you have never bought a Lotto ticket?


  jackhass 14:16 04 Mar 07

I always find adverts for gambling on promoted family friendly sites such this one as 'selling-out'.

The bar is seemingly lowered inorder to collect a little more tainted silver.

  Forum Editor 14:26 04 Mar 07

I invite you to enter the real world.

Drive through any major town or city (with your children) and count the number of posters you'll see advertising gambling.

There's nothing 'tainted' about the revenue from gambling ads - it's perfectly legal to gamble in this country, millions of people do it every day. Horse-racing is advertised as the 'sport of kings' and amost everyone has had a flutter at some point in their lives. I doubt that a single child's life will be blighted because of a poker room ad on a computer web forum.

  jackhass 14:46 04 Mar 07

"I invite you to enter the real world."

Yes,but it would be a better world if large publishing companies like IDG could find more moral and healthier clients.
Or at least consider a bit more as to where they place them.

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