Political Leadership

  morddwyd 06:22 28 Dec 09

Cameron is reportedly wooing the Liberals for support in the event of a hung parliament.

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With Brown one of the most unpopular prime ministers I can remember, even within his own party, the fact that a hung parliament is even a remote prospect doesn't say much for Cameron's leadership or confidence.

He should be contemplating a landslide, not a coalition.

  Quickbeam 06:40 28 Dec 09

Kinnock took a landslide for granted, and look what happened to him.

  crosstrainer 07:09 28 Dec 09

Too many people remember the Thatcher years. I strongly believe a hung parliament is a distinct possibility.

Cameron lacks substance. This will not be a landslide result.

  morddwyd 08:57 28 Dec 09

"Cameron lacks substance."

Couldn't agree more - he makes Major look like a dynamic force!

  bri-an 09:25 28 Dec 09

Yes, the present crop of Tory politicians are nothing if not 'grey'. George looks and sounds as if he's still at school!
At least, from most posts on here, GB gives people something to get heated about (notwithstanding it's generally dislike!).
As has been said, could be a closer election than it appeared.

  Forum Editor 09:59 28 Dec 09

for revelations and scandals - they'll surface, once the media machine gets into election mode.

Politicians - if they're any good - will have studied British political history, and they'll know that as far as the electorate is concerned there's no such thing as a certainty.

  Forum Editor 10:00 28 Dec 09

"George looks and sounds as if he's still at school!"

George, who's he?

  bri-an 10:33 28 Dec 09


  Forum Editor 12:54 28 Dec 09

Who is this George you refer to as looking and sounding as if he's still at school?

  bri-an 13:11 28 Dec 09

Apologies, I was surprised you hadn't picked up on my meaning the 'impending' new Chancellor of the Exchequer (post election).
That 'George' will be second-in-command, will he not?

  michaelw 13:20 28 Dec 09

I see Charles kennedy has made a few tv appearances lately, coming from obscurity. I wonder if he'll make a comeback. He's certainly more heavy-weight than Nick Cleg.

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