Political Correctness gone mad

  Kevscar1 19:46 15 Dec 08

On the rear of Shrek the Halls DVD

Contains farting humour and one mildly scary scene.

How long before you have to walk round with a sign saying "May fart without warning."

  Legolas 19:48 15 Dec 08

Just a lot of hot air in my opinion ;)))

  interzone55 20:08 15 Dec 08

The warnings on childrens' DVDs all seem a little odd, like this

"contains mild peril" how does one quantify peril.

I don't think this is political correctness, it's just a way for the film makers to devolve all responsibility, so no one can accuse them of mildly frightening their children by accident...

  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:12 15 Dec 08

I'm afraid that some people do not understand subtle humour.......


  wolfie3000 22:34 15 Dec 08

It does seem odd they even mentioned that on the dvd,

The cartoons when i was a kid had alot worse, death scenes for instance.

Im thinking of G-Force of coarse.

click here

I found out years later the original version from japan had cross dressing, buckets of blood, full frontal nudity and sex scenes in it.

But even the censored uk version was pretty gritty for its time.

  Forum Editor 23:25 15 Dec 08

some parents may not want their children to be exposed to that kind of humour, so the producers include a warning. It seems a pretty sensible course of action to me, and does nobody any harm at all.

  Toneman 10:42 16 Dec 08

We used to think "farting" was unmentionable. children and grandchildren regard it as an everyday occurrence,...which,of course, it is...

  DippyGirl 11:00 16 Dec 08

If the parents are that concerned they should watch the DVD first before giving it to the child(ren). They should take the responsibility of deciding what is suitable or not.

  Seth Haniel 11:14 16 Dec 08

True of a lot of people even on this forum ;(

  Cymro. 13:03 16 Dec 08

"It seems a pretty sensible course of action to me, and does nobody any harm at all".

No indeed not, but it is just the sort of thing that get`s some of them going on here. Mind you on a slow news day etc.

  Forum Editor 18:35 16 Dec 08

I didn't suggest that this kind of humour does anyone any harm - I simply pointed out the fact that many parents may not want their children to be exposed to it. The company involved obviously thought the same, otherwise they would have put the warning on the pack.

This kind of thing has nothing whatever to do with our appreciation of subtle humour - and in any case one person's opinion of what's subtle isn't necessarily another's. It has a good deal to do with the marketing policy of a business however, and it's for that company to decide what warnings are issued. It isn't the company taking responsibility for what children watch - as some of the people in the thread seem to think - it's about acting responsibly, and telling parents that there might be something in the video that they would rather their children didn't see. The parents make the decision, not the company.

Whether someone thinks that farting is funny or not is a matter of personal choice. My feeling is that it's hilarious when you're a ten year old, but then some people have a tendency to stay ten years old as far as their sense of humour goes.

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