Political correctness

  Si_L 20:57 26 Aug 07

I was at a friends house earlier today, and after the usual small talk with his parents, I was offered a drink, so asked for a white coffee. His mum coughed loudly and then repeated back to me, "Coffee with milk then?", "Er, yeah, thanks", I replied.

As soon as she left, my friend told me that she considered it politically incorrect to ask for white coffee, as it could offend blacks. Their whole family is white, is it just me or is the situation we are in with PC totally insane?

I also heard a story from my dad, at his work, they have renamed the Christmas Holidays to Winter Break, so as not to offend anybody in the company who isn't Christian.


  loser7 21:01 26 Aug 07

I think the (western) world has gone daft with PC and no offence but it sounds like your mates mum is a bad as the people that make these things up

  Stuartli 22:11 26 Aug 07

Don't start me off on political correctness...:-)

  Si_L 22:15 26 Aug 07

Nah go on Stuartli, its always fun to have a good rant!

  mammak 22:17 26 Aug 07

I will still order a black coffee and white toast and if that offends anyone then yeah this world has gone mad official.

  Jim Thing 22:17 26 Aug 07

Not wishing to offend against anyone's humaleperson rights, I tell people that my birthplace lies roughly halfway between Malepersonchester and AfricanAmericanpool.

  Si_L 22:20 26 Aug 07

Found an interesting site on PC stories...

click here

  Forum Editor 01:04 27 Aug 07

except into an argument of some kind. If you want to swap stories about silly people saying silly things do it somewhere else please.

  cycoze 01:04 27 Aug 07

Going back 30 years ago and probably longer , it was taught on a catering courses at College to always ask if a customer wanted their coffee with cream or milk, never to ask if they wanted it black or white, so not really a case of political correctness, more a cream or milk issue !

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