Political correctness

  Noldi 06:14 18 Sep 06

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Is this political correctness gone Mad. Surely you have bigger crime isseus in the UK.


  Altruist 07:58 18 Sep 06

and we have, but they go largely undetected.

  DieSse 10:55 18 Sep 06

*Surely you have bigger crime isseus in the UK.*

Yup -

like failing to have a bell on your bicycle - 2000 Pounds fine.

swearing at hooligans wrecking your garden - large fine (can't remember what).

being a hooligan wrecking a garden - police not even turning up.

  Cymro. 11:36 18 Sep 06

I don`t usually have much sympathy for politicians or their wives but this was right over the top. It makes me wonder where is it all going to end?

  sunny staines 12:11 18 Sep 06

whats needed is a good set of leaders in all departments that have the confidence to make common sense judgements and are not afraid of criticism, At the moment all the political parties and heads of industry and govt agencies seem to lack this.
My opinion it is leaders going in at the near top end of the promotion ladder without coming up through the company/ranks etc. This does not apply in all cases but I feel it is often the case.
Everyone today seems scared to speak their mind in case some minority feels offended and things get out of all proportion. Common sense should be applied to get an even balance of free speech and dealing with offenders that are over the line.

  BigRik 12:47 18 Sep 06

Political correctness & human rights (seemingly for the criminal only) are rife here in the UK Noldi and as you have read, its getting worse.

To quote Cymro. "...where is it all going to end?"

I fear it may never end.

  silverous 13:28 18 Sep 06

Political correctness, Human Rights, Health & Safety, and Compensation (i.e. compensation culture) are all areas which are meant to add to society however there are arguments that they have all gone a step too far.

  knockin on 14:16 18 Sep 06

I agree, but maybe a little Human responsibility might also make a contribution to society. No one seems keen to promote that particular notion??

  silverous 14:25 18 Sep 06

Knockin on, can you expand on what you mean by that?

  knockin on 14:32 18 Sep 06

I sometimes feel that we are made only too aware of the Human rights of people to be treated with respect, and to have entitlement to services. We are less inclined to voice the notion that people also have the Human Responsibility to treat others with respect and to contribute to the well being of society. It might be worth invoking a philosophy where people can surrender their human rights by refusing to acknowledge their responsibilities. e.g. If you are irresponsible enough to invade my property in the couse of an illegal act, you surrender your right to divert the consequences of that act from yourself to me.

  knockin on 14:35 18 Sep 06

PS: I hope you did not feel any criticism in my initial response to your posting. On the contrary, I agree with you, but there is more to add to your list. Regards, Rob

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