Polite request

  dagbladet 11:10 07 Feb 08

It seems to becoming more common that a thread is titled with something along the lines of "what about this", or "wouldn't mind one of these". Once inside the thread there is little more than a 'click here'. For the benefit of those of us with various constraints on our machines, it would be nice if there was some kind of description. Not a moan, just a.....well I suppose it is really.

  lisa02 11:12 07 Feb 08

I agree, along with those those put up a tinyurl or shortlink without saying what it is.

  Cymro. 13:20 07 Feb 08

Most of the "click here" postings end up a disappointment anyway. So some clue would be useful.

  dagbladet 13:20 07 Feb 08


The irony was not lost on me before I posted it, but I thought i'd let it run anyway.

  sunny staines 13:56 07 Feb 08

i tend not to read dumb headings.

  anskyber 14:21 07 Feb 08

You just have!

  €dstowe 14:28 07 Feb 08

I rarely read threads from dumb headings and almost never follow "click heres" unless I'm convinced it will lead somewhere instructive or useful - from previous experience, that is infrequent.

  Earthsea 15:26 07 Feb 08

You mean like this one? click here

  anskyber 15:33 07 Feb 08

I know I'm on dangerous ground here but I couldn't resist it. click here

  €dstowe 15:46 07 Feb 08

Even more rare than me clicking on lonely click heres is to click on those which, with a mouse hover, show a shortened link to somewhere.

In addition, having been infected once with a trojan download, I NEVER follow links to U-tube (and related) sites either.

  anskyber 16:25 07 Feb 08

I agree, I had in mind the "click here" which was a secondary concern for some posters above.

Incidentally, although many are unhappy with click here's it is a reasonable short hand rather than repeating much of what is in the link.

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