Police laser to blind rioters. Good Bad not sure?

  Blackhat 12 Dec 11

It claims to only blind temporarily but what if someone has an accident due to brief blindness, surely they would sue the police for compensation?

police laser

  peter99co 12 Dec 11

I think before any action is taken the police have to warn rioters to disperse. (Riot Act)

Maybe those who remain are then resposible for their own safety.

I could be wrong of course.

  bremner 12 Dec 11

The Riot Act was repealed in 1973

  Aitchbee 12 Dec 11

In the futuristic classic TV series STAR TREK...

Captain Kirk, on many occassions ordered his 'beamed down" landing party to...


500 hundred years earlier....nothing has changed!

  morddwyd 12 Dec 11

"the beam has been compared to staring into the sun"

My eye disease is accentuated, permanently, by direct sunlight and I have to avoid it.

I don't have any plans to riot, but innocent passers by do sometimes get caught up in these things.

In my case, and obviously many others, blindness might not be temporary.

  Condom 18 Dec 11

Well the powers that be have always been trying to blind Joe public with one thing or another. They have tried science, lies (Sorry spin) so why not let them shine a light on matters so to speak.

As that well known character would say we are "doomed"

  octal 18 Dec 11

It seems a bit of a blunderbuss device that can have consequences for innocent parties with a whole range of medical conditions, rubber bullets are bad enough, but they are normally aimed at legs and they even get that wrong as people have died. So at the moment I'm in the not sure camp until it can be proved safe and how are they going to prove that without using them?

  proudfoot 18 Dec 11

A better solution would be an accurate water cannon with indelible ink in the water. Then the police later could go to the area when everything has calmed down and arrest everyone with the dye on them or their clothing and have to account to why they were in that location. Any innocent person would leave the area if they did not want to run the risk of being involved.

  sunnystaines 18 Dec 11

the military have had the dragon laser gun device for years not sure if it was ever used in ireland for rioters. great idea for the police to use it.


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