police commissioner elections

  passing through 04 Nov 12

Do you think it is a good idea to have a commissioner of police instead of the old police authority. If the correct person is voted in, will they have the teeth and inclination to force chief constables to there way of thinking.

Or will you not be voting.

With a bit of luck our local candidate will sail in. http://www.thisishullandeastriding.co.uk/Lord-Prescott-odds-favourite-PCC-role/story-17222944-detail/story.html

  morddwyd 23 Nov 12

That;s going to cost her police budget a considerable sum, when he complains of constructive dismissal.

  spider9 23 Nov 12

He's not been dismissed, his contract expires in a few weeks time and he's been told he will need to re-apply.

Is that not the normal way when a person's contract expires?

Hardly 'constructive dismissal' when a fixed term contract ends? He was due to retire on 26th Jan, anyway - so why all the fuss?

  bremner 23 Nov 12

With CC Port's length of service he can now only have yearly extensions to his contract. The PCC has said she wants one CC for her full term 4 year term so they can plan effectively together.

This clearly led Port to decide he was unlikely to get the job, so made the comment about not being prepared to apply for his own job.

No constructive dismissal as his contract was ending.

  Pine Man 23 Nov 12

CC Port is reported to have lead the force with distinction during his tenure.

This is just the start of the 'very expensive' rot!

  bremner 23 Nov 12

Pine Man

That is definitely the case but he has been in post 8 years, perhaps as for the US President that should be the most one person should be permitted to serve to ensure fresh ideas are brought to the table.

  Pine Man 23 Nov 12

'to ensure fresh ideas are brought to the table'

CCs don't work in isolation they receive advice and guidance from HM Inspector of Constabulary, the Home Office and what used to be lovingly known as Police Authorities!


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