Pointless posters!

  Chris the Ancient 14:43 21 May 10

I'm going to say my bit... and then gracefully watch what happens ;)

It's not a new habit in these forums; it has always existed. However, I sometimes find it intriguing.

But, how often do various names keep popping up in threads in various forums here, either as an original poster or as a contributor to existing threads? So often, the words written are fatuous, pointless and/or a waste of time. Quite frequently, the contributor hasn't read the post properly or not really understood the topic under discussion... or they've highlighted some rather pointless piece of news without adding their own thoughts. And quite often, the contributions seem deliberately worded to raise the ire of other people - intentionally or otherwise.

Goodness me! Do they get paid by the word?

Now that I have retired, I am spending more time in here just looking around; it's great. I wish that I could help more, but technology has increased incrementally as my abilities have decreased at the same rate.

Now, I have no doubt in my remaining brain cell that some people may think that this is a pointless post (I wonder who).



  Chris the Ancient 14:46 21 May 10

I said my brain cell was addled! I've posted in the wrong forum; but I have asked FE to move it to the Helproom.

  wiz-king 16:47 21 May 10

I rest my case - m'Lud. *grin*

  Forum Editor 23:06 21 May 10

but you forgot to provide me with a link to it, and I've only just discovered it here, in the business forum.

I'll move it to Speakers Corner, where it will no doubt receive more attention.

  peter99co 23:34 21 May 10

I have a look here now and then to see who is contributing to the forums.

click here

I think we all have a view about a subject and seek an opinion from others to test how much we are agreed with. (Speakers Corner)

I do agree though "Quite frequently, the contributor hasn't read the post properly or not really understood the topic under discussion..."

One thing I do find is that I need to have a DAILY look on here to see what is being discussed. There is always something new read or discuss and many usful links to new information.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 23:37 21 May 10

I'm sure that I am not the only one to revel in the delicious irony of this post.


  Al94 23:42 21 May 10


  Quickbeam 01:13 22 May 10

This week, pointless posting is getting a knocking...

  morddwyd 07:15 22 May 10

A post is only pointless if the person reading it decides it is.

That is very much a personal thing.

I personally find all football and Formula 1 posts pointless, but they certainly have their place here, unlike my most recent "tinned tomatoes" thread!

  Þ² 08:33 22 May 10

click here 's an example of pointed poster.

  Þ² 08:33 22 May 10

^a^ pointed poster

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