Please Explain!!

  Chaz10 22:28 14 Jul 10

Why does the hosepipe ban forced on us in the North-West not affect blue badge owners and the disabled.

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  bri-an 22:32 14 Jul 10

Stop worrying, the amount of rain falling this evening will fill the 'tanks' up again!

  Chaz10 22:34 14 Jul 10


Thats not the point!

  bri-an 22:38 14 Jul 10

Just a little levity, Chaz.

However, if you think about it, the disabled could hardly be expected to carry buckets of water (which is allowed).

  Chaz10 22:45 14 Jul 10

The bloke next door who has a "disabled" wife (out all day enjoying herself) is now hosing down his patio for gods sake.

  Forum Editor 22:52 14 Jul 10

what is wrong with a disabled woman enjoying herself.

I suggest that you spend a little time reflecting on what is really important in life, and what is simply a silly reaction to a temporary water shortage.

  Brumas 23:00 14 Jul 10

Count yourself lucky that you and your partner (if applicable)are not disabled! If you were, you would appreciate anything that would make live a little easier.

I wish my disabled wife could go out unassisted and enjoy herself.

I may be wrong but you strike me as being a little bitter and twisted!

End of rant!

  Chaz10 23:14 14 Jul 10

They are NOT disabled, they play the system, nothing wrong with them, both about 44, 3 cars all with private regs and no one works, big house all the extras etc.

  Chaz10 23:18 14 Jul 10


I'm not having a go at the genuine disabled just the "fake ones"

She is not in a wheelchair can walk fine and do chores, look after children, the list goes on!!!!

  Forum Editor 23:23 14 Jul 10

because nobody has the facts about the people you so obviously feel so bitter about.

What all this has to do with a hosepipe ban is beyond me - I'm beginning to think that you started your thread so you could express your anger towards your neighbours.

  Brumas 23:26 14 Jul 10

It doesn't have to be a physical disability however, if that is the case and she is abusing/cheating the benefits system then DLA should be informed, but make sure you have all the facts first!

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