Plasma or LCD...?

  hijo 12:10 08 Dec 06

iam not sure if this has been done b4 but now that the market has expanded up hugely more people have a idea of whats hot & whats not,iam in the proccess of getting a 32 inch lcd now do i pay the £500 for a LCD or get a plasma...?? & add another few hundred to it

  GANDALF <|:-)> 12:18 08 Dec 06
  hijo 12:28 08 Dec 06

ok thankx Gandalf i thought it might of done

  Pamy 14:51 08 Dec 06

Wow hijo, after reading your post in this forum "is there REALY any point in working" I am supprised that you are even considering buying an LCD or Plasma TV

  Kate B 14:55 08 Dec 06

Wow, Pamy, I'm surprised at how judgmental you are. You know very little about hijo's situation.

  Pamy 15:08 08 Dec 06

Read his post for yourself Kate B

  anskyber 15:20 08 Dec 06

Surely it's up to hijo how he spends his money. When it's gone, it's gone. It's a different point to his question "is there really any point in working" which looked at his return per hour for working.

We should not tell hijo how he should spend what he has.

  Vangeliska 15:22 08 Dec 06

I kinda thought he was emigrating to Ecuador!

(in a previous post)

  Pamy 15:25 08 Dec 06

I am not telling him how to spend his money, just expressing suprise

  Kate B 15:30 08 Dec 06

Not your place to express surprise in that manner, Pamy. hijo's business is his, not ours.

  Pamy 15:37 08 Dec 06

what ever way I express my suprise I am still suprised.

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