plans to cut 1,400 jobs

  john 52 08:34 15 Jul 11

Maybe just to far from London or not the publicity shoot he wants

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  interzone55 08:55 15 Jul 11

Just like a lot of management, he's a complete coward and uses his underlings as a shield...

  oresome 09:16 15 Jul 11

The tender for the contract was written by civil servants under the last Labour government and Siemens won it. What can Cameron do at this late stage?

Siemens incidently employ more workers in the UK than the Canadian company Bombardier does.

The contract is essentially a leasing deal which hinges on the cost of finance. Siemens has a better credit rating and can therefore borrow money at a cheaper rate than Bombardier which gave it a competetive advantage in the bidding process.

  interzone55 09:24 15 Jul 11


Siemens do employ more people in this country, but not in train production, they work in many industries.

I think the point here is that German railways buy German rolling stock. French railways buy French rolling stock etc.

We seem to be the only country that follows the constitution rules to the letter when we should be protecting our own workers in troubled times, and Cameron could still pull the order at any time until Siemens starts procurement of components...

  john 52 09:53 15 Jul 11

We wonder why the manufacturing base is disappearing

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  john 52 13:53 15 Jul 11

Fourm member

The trade gap is running at £2bn a month ! unemployment reaching nearly 3 million ,where is the steel industry or the ship building industry for this country ? investment by the likes of Nissan and Toyota show just what the British workforce is capable of I just wish this government and previous governments show the same support and investment .

There is an over reliance of the financial sector in this country

  john 52 14:21 15 Jul 11

fourm member

'Output of British manufacturing reached an all-time high in 2007, even adjusted for inflation'

There you go again promoting your right wing Labour achievements

  john 52 16:44 15 Jul 11

Regarding the forgemaster loan and the investment or the lack of it in industry as the loan was withdrawn by the coalition government yet spend over a 100 million on its military campaign in Libya

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The Government loan forms the final piece of a two-year project to finance the installation of a 15,000 tonne forging press which will place the UK at the peak of a global supply chain for civil nuclear manufacturing.

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