plane"s "black box"; ARE they "indestructible?

  p;3 22:59 14 Mar 06

a thought from a discussion I am following elsewhere; I know planes have the so-called "black-box" to record the flight"s "events"; as far as anyone knows, ARE the boxes"indestructible", or is it possible for them to be "fried" if the right amount of heat etc is present in the event of a "disaster" ?

?CAN the black box BE destroyed given the "right conditions"?

  g0slp 23:09 14 Mar 06

click here

seems to answer the question.

I must get out more!


  Eargasm 23:14 14 Mar 06

No they are not indestructible.

Although they are made from stainless steel approx 6mm thick and lined with a liquid-filled foam bladder encased in plastic to protect against the intense heat, one actually cooked in a crash in Thailand after landing in a pool of flaming fuel.

  rmcqua 12:19 15 Mar 06

No, there are plenty of cases of data being irretrievable due to heat and/or mechanical damage to "black boxes".

  amonra 14:38 15 Mar 06

Nothing is indestructable, everything burns at some temperature. But as eargasm says, they've made a pretty good attempt to make them survive all but the worst case scenario.

  FUl2tiV3 14:48 15 Mar 06

they are aslso orange in colour
how disappointing

  ayrmail 15:08 15 Mar 06

easier to find

  €dstowe 15:32 15 Mar 06

Fluorescent orange as well.

Even the little plane I learned to fly in has a black box.

  keith-236134 16:51 15 Mar 06

Why arent they called orange boxes???

  alB 16:56 15 Mar 06

And why don't they make the planes out of the same material ???

  €dstowe 17:06 15 Mar 06

Too heavy.

Even the black box in "my" plane takes an awful lot of lifting.

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