esbe 00:05 23 Jul 05

Another time waster - I haven't got past level 5 yet.
click here


  rdave13 00:54 23 Jul 05

Time waster for me but GOOD!

  BRYNIT 01:23 23 Jul 05

I got to level 8 its too late to continue.

  esbe 02:00 23 Jul 05

My wife had a go and got to level 11 & scored 1931, boo hiss.

  Kate B 10:37 24 Jul 05

*puts dunce hat on*

er, I didn't understand what you're supposed to do with that!

  esbe 12:22 24 Jul 05

Hi, Kate B, drag the blue points around so that you end up with no lines crossing each other. The quicker you do it, the more points you score.


  Kate B 13:29 24 Jul 05

er, yeah. Still don't get the appeal. Guess my brain just doesn't work like that!

  De Marcus™ 14:00 24 Jul 05

A real time waster yeti sports click here (quick registration so you can't cheat the scores and a series of addictive simple games)

  Mr Mistoffelees 15:59 24 Jul 05

Got nowhere, my brain has gone soft.

  amonra 16:28 24 Jul 05

AAAGGHHH Brain now completely diskerbooberated !
PS After Level 3 !!!

  Forum Editor 17:02 24 Jul 05

Remove the dunce hat.

I just asked my wife and (29 yr old) daughter to do the puzzle, and both of them said exactly the same thing - what are you supposed to do?

It's a spacial awareness puzzle, and at the risk of being accused (again) of being sexist, women commonly do very badly in such tests. In the same way that men do badly in multi-tasking situations. Nobody's fault, just one of those things.

If I see one overtly sexist post following this I'll delete the thread.

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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