Pilot benefit scheme failing some recipients

  TopCat® 17:55 12 Mar 13

This pilot scheme, introduced by the government over the last few months, has led to some recipients getting into arrears with their rental payments. Paying the benefit this way has seen a higher percentage rise in several areas where the scheme is being trialled.

Having the money in their own hands has led to some using it for other purposes, which in turn has seen a dramatic rise in arrears of rent.

What are your views on this - should the government revert to the status quo quickly or continue on with this scheme? TC.

  spuds 10:58 14 Mar 13

fourm member

"Frankly, I'd much rather governments listened to the evidence not the people"

Surely, it's the people who provide the evidence not a government.

It's a bit like quoting what statics say, and saying that is right, on the evidence printed. But let's face it, how many statistics are right and correct, when they are based on what the person or person's doing those statistics are trying to say?.

  fourm member 11:25 14 Mar 13


'The people' are the ones who either distort the evidence or demonstrate by their reaction to events that they want evidence distorted before it is presented to them.

Providing it is properly collected evidence is just that.

We have to allow governments to fail as long as they then try and correct the failure.

At present, people ridicule proposals put out to consultation and then ridicule governments for revising proposals based on the outcome of the consultation.

We seem to be saying we would prefer a government that presses blindly on with a deeply flawed policy to one that has to say 'We've changed our minds'.

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