Picture of a wall safe

  Graham* 15 Jan 12

To impress friends, I would like to put a picture of a wall safe on a wall in my lounge. But, where can I get one?

  Forum Editor 15 Jan 12

I suggest that you do what I just did, run a Google search for 'wall safe images' and take your pick.

  Quickbeam 15 Jan 12

I don't know where one get an easily impressed friend from...

  wiz-king 16 Jan 12

Dont forget you have to hide it behind a real picture.

  badgery 16 Jan 12

Quickbeam "I don't know where one get an easily impressed friend from..."

Exactly!! Perhaps this might help to explain?

One joins a forum as 'Graham', then promotes oneself to 'Colonel Graham', then decides a 'one star' rating is required - before being informed there are no such things as 'star' ranks below general, and so removes the 'colonel' (but, bizarrely, not the star!!).

It seems perfectly obvious to me that a picture of a wall safe is precisely what's needed.


  Aitchbee 16 Jan 12

If you have a large flat-screen TV with USB connecter, you could install the 'safe image' on to your TV.

As long as you had your TV switched off, nobody would known where it was!

  Condom 16 Jan 12

And then don't forget to fill the safe wth some nice photos of piles of money and jewellery.

  ton 16 Jan 12

Could maybe find pictures of impressed people admiring picture of safe (to impress easily impressed friends).

  lotvic 16 Jan 12

Perhaps a picture of safe with the door half open so easily impressed friends get a glimpse of the contents....

  Forum Editor 17 Jan 12

I imagine that Graham* is beginning to wish he had never asked.

  Graham* 17 Jan 12

Au contrair, mon ami.

Perhaps someone could post a picture of their safe on Picturebucket?

I'm looking for films also, where I could pause a scene and then use Snipping Tool.

We could have a competion for the best painting. I would offer a prize of a picture of a threepenny bit to the winner.


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