The Photo Competition, When is the closing date?

  Bing.alau 01 May 13

I am looking forward to the pictures, as the last time we had a photo competition we had some really good ones.

I couldn't bump the thread up to the top as it is already there, so thought I would ask on here in a different thread.

When will the comp. be closing? Does anybody know?

  Aitchbee 01 May 13

Forum Editor [loosely] mentioned 1st May, so you'll have to get those snaps in soon.

  Bing.alau 02 May 13

Thanks FE. It shouldn't be long now then until we get the resulting pictures. Great!

  Bing.alau 02 May 13

Whilst on the subject of pictures, I thought some of you might like to see this. I enjoyed it, and it just shows how beautiful this world of our really is. Click on the link below.

  Aitchbee 03 May 13

That was a great ornithalogical link Bing.alau

Sir David Attenborough starts his birdsong tweet Radio4 daily broadcast on monday 6th May. I think it will be a great success.[Just before 6am]

ps. The PCA photo competition adjudicator[s] [Forum Editor included] must now be mulling over the marvellous images, sent in.

  john bunyan 03 May 13


Well done - I see you were a winner!!

  Quickbeam 03 May 13

Is it a self portrait Bingalau?

  rdave13 03 May 13

A good find Bing.alau. Thank you.

  interzone55 03 May 13

I won as well!!!!

  john bunyan 03 May 13


Well done to you too, and to the others!

  Bing.alau 03 May 13

What a surprise to win something even though I have no idea what I actually do with it. I hope it comes with instructions? Congratulations to the other winners, we seem to have a few from this forum. I am "Chuffed to bits". I must admit I was looking forward to seeing all the entrants as there are normally plenty of nature type pictures.


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