Z1100 13:13 26 Mar 07

I have one, well ok maybe a few, but since it is 'that time again' my phobia of 'stingers' comes back. I am hypersensitive to bee or wasp stings and I run VERY fast if I detect one and since I am hyper-sensitive I detect lots of them.

I am supposed to be planting in the garden right now but one of the blighter's is in my shed!

What's your phobia?


  royalflush 13:19 26 Mar 07

Z1100 mines DEEP Water..... & thats the only would kinda frak me out been realy far out & floating in very deep water where theres nearly a mile of water below me....& i was on my own

  bennyhillslovechild 13:35 26 Mar 07

Horses of all things. No idea why, not had a bad experience with them or anything, but they turn me into a gibbering wreck.

Where I used to live, there was a small bit of grass area beside the road where one of the local residents would stand a couple of horses to graze. I had to walk past these on my way to the pub I worked (and drank!) at. There is apparently nothing more amusing than watching a 17st pierced and tattooed skinhead backed up against the opposite wall, and sidling down the road whimpering.
One of them buggers neighed at me once then made a "br-br-br-br-brub" sound. The only sound you could hear after that was the small thunderclap or returning air as I hit supersonic speed on my way down the road and the squelching of my underwear.

  Kate B 15:50 26 Mar 07

Bats. I don't do bats *shudders* It's really pathetic, as I have no bad childhood experiences informing my phobia, but it's very real. I can't look at a picture in a book of a bat, definitely have to turn over quickly if there are bats on TV and being in the tropics at dusk makes me very uncomfortable indeed.

  Jim Thing 16:23 26 Mar 07

Robbie Williams
Rupert Murdoch name but two.

  Bingalau 16:47 26 Mar 07

bennyhillslovechild. Once again Thanks for the laugh... Now we all know what you look like. Dare I ask what causes the squelching of the underpants?. I can't think of any phobias that I have. I suppose I am afraid of dying, but then aren't we all?

  The Brigadier 17:23 26 Mar 07

Flying in Africa.
Some countries air traffic control is little more than a bit Heath Robinson!

  Pamy 17:29 26 Mar 07

Water above ankle high, only showers for me

  wellshgit 17:32 26 Mar 07

Spiders. If I see one in the house I step on it before my wife spots it, or she will pick it up and chase me with it!!!!

  Pamy 17:39 26 Mar 07

wellshgit, "You can have our spiders but not our mud"

  octal 17:41 26 Mar 07

Interesting, most people have them, but at the moment I'm trying my darnedest to think of one I have and I can't, am I alone?

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