PHEW! What a scorcher...

  Quickbeam 19 Jul 13

Hasn't anybody else noticed the '75/6 esque summer?

We've waited a long time for such a long hot spell with the fine forecast set to last into September. Booming ice cream sales along the towpath, booming bike sales in Halfords yesterday, booming garden furniture sales, it's quite an economic boost all around for such a simple thing as a real summer.

I went round Derwent & Ladybower reservoirs yesterday on my bike and was surprised at how much the levels had dropped since the Lancaster flew over in May, I don't remember seeing a bomb fall that day. Hosepipe bans, stand pipe queues, kids playing in tin baths, it's daja vu '70s time, get those stacks and flares out of the wardrobe...

  fourm member 19 Jul 13

'an economic boost all around'

You could be right.

Since so much is about perception rather than reality, this spell of hot weather might be just what we need to build a positive attitude to life.

  Mr Mistoffelees 19 Jul 13


  Brumas 19 Jul 13

Quickbeam, aye, it's no good, I shall have to turn the heating off ;o}}

I have actually started wearing shorts and sandals (now there's a sight!!) something I haven't done for yonks and the garden is suffering because it is to debilitating to venture out and work in this heat - we complain when it is cold and we complain when it is too bloomin hot - a very British trait!!

  Ex plorer 19 Jul 13

I its grand to see the sun shine gives you a real lift, but for me its to hot to go out for long, a bit like when its freezing or raining cant win really ;~)

Butt after the suns gone down, I am out in the garden with a beer and the smell of new mowen grass cant be beaten.

  fourm member 19 Jul 13

'the smell of new mowen grass cant be beaten.'

As long as someone else has done the mowing.

  Quickbeam 19 Jul 13


Am I right if I label you a sandals with socks man...?

'the smell of new mowen grass cant be beaten.' And the sound of the skylark can't be beaten.

  QuizMan 19 Jul 13

"And the sound of the skylark can't be beaten"

Quite right, but spotting the little devil on high can be a challenge.

  Chronos the 2nd 19 Jul 13

I took a wander along the beach at Portobello (Edinburgh) and it stuck me that far to many well built ladies were showing far to much than was good for them and for me as it

I almost paddled in the sea but then I remembered that the North sea is rarely more than 1° hotter in the summer than it is in the winter. But dogs and the toddlers in their fluorescent vests seem to find the water fine.

  Brumas 19 Jul 13

Quickbeam No way!! I know I would never win a prize for sartorial elegance, but socks with sandals !!??

  Quickbeam 19 Jul 13

Pleased to hear that Brumas:)


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