Personal vendetta

  Forum Editor 20 May 11

I'm posting this because I'm tired of waiting for certain people to see the light, and cease their habit of bickering endlessly with one another over (usually)trivial discussion points. One person makes a statement that is immediately challenged by another, and off we go on an interminable journey involving ever more acrimonious personal comments. Others join in, usually ganging up against one of the protagonists, until an entire thread descends into a rather childish 'Yes you did, No I didn't' argument. I've had enough of it to be honest, and I'm asking for the last time - please put a stop to it. Over the lifetime of the forum we've seen this kind of thing quite a few times,and it does nothing but damage the atmosphere. By all means state your opinions robustly, and by all means challenge what others say - that's the nature of debate - but do it without the quite obvious malice which has typified the exchanges I'm talking about. From now on I'm going to start deleting gratuitously spiteful posts without warning or explanation - no matter who makes them.

  Colonel Graham 20 May 11

I'm with you on this.

  OTT_B 20 May 11

Maybe that's the result of being able arguing while remaining anonymous? Not that anonymity is a bad thing, but I wonder if such people are like that in the real, physical world.

  Forum Editor 20 May 11


I doubt that someone's nature is changed by the fact of internet anonymity. It's certainly possible to adopt a different persona on the internet - people do it all the time - but character traits are deeply ingrained, and they surface relentlessly, whether we like it or not.

Nice people are nice people, no matter what disguise they choose to wear.

  onionskin 20 May 11

No they're not.

  Forum Editor 21 May 11


Eh? Care to elaborate?

  Strawballs 21 May 11

FE I think it was an attempt at humor!

  rdave13 21 May 11


What humour is that then?

  spider9 21 May 11


Mea culpa

Hangs head in shame.

  rickf 21 May 11

Totally agree with FE. It tends to descend to ridiculous allegations detracting from the site's intent and spirit. Puts people off when trying to discuss a product seriously. It's not just the reponders but provocative threads from posters who invite same by return.

Some of the threads here are pure nonsense which belong more to a chat room.

  Colin 21 May 11

I can see where the FE is coming from. Unfortunately, it's no different than many other forums but I do find the PCA forums to be one of the better managed. At lot of other forums of whatever nature descend into outright childish nastiness. This will be hard to regulate without losing members but maybe such members shouldn’t use this forum anyway.


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