Performing live

  Joe R 15:47 16 Sep 07

Just to ask people what their favourite live music performance was.

I saw David Byrne perform this live at the Glasgow Barrowlands, a few years ago, and thought for a solo performance, it was superb. (the performance in this link is not at the Barrowlands, but is almost exactly as I saw it).

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  Clapton is God 18:26 16 Sep 07

Need you ask??

  tullie 18:52 16 Sep 07

Neil Diamond at the M.E.N Arena

  ayrmail 19:00 16 Sep 07

If you liked that you should get Stop Making Sense video from around 1984, in that version all the band join in a bit like tubular bells. David Byrne has a suit that grows during one of the songs ends up about 5’ wide.
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  Joe R 20:34 16 Sep 07


I already have the Stop making sense Dvd and Cd, although I wasn't really a great Talking Heads fan.

I have always preferred live music, and have been really disappointed at some of the so-called "superstars" when I have seen them live.

tullie, I saw a Dvd of Neil Diamond playing a live concert in Dublin, and he knows how to put on a show.

  al7478 21:18 16 Sep 07

R.E.M. They have a new live DVD/CD out Oct 16th.Its been a rather slow year for me in that sense, so I can barely contain myself sometimes!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 23:24 16 Sep 07

Pink Floydd at Knebworth doing Dark side of the moon
and ELO used to put on spectacular live shows.

  Si_L 00:01 17 Sep 07

Foo Fighters a couple of years ago, that was an incredible gig. I've seen Feeder and the RCHP too, both were pretty good, though not as good as the Foo's live.

  Acx 01:16 17 Sep 07

The Stranglers: - (about 1986).

They did a tour where they revisited the halls and venues they had played before they were well known.

So I saw this band at their height – I was part of an audience of roughly 350, the venue was Peterborough Sports Hall (a basketball court in reality).

No- ants on stage,
They played most of their back catalogue (no new album to promote).
Nothing to drink,
The hottest day of the year,
Couldn’t wait to get out (the heat),
Would I do it again - yes I would.

  Earthsea 01:25 17 Sep 07

Haven't seen many, but Ozzy Osbourne and Faith No More were good fun. I remember someone kindly bringing Ozzy a container of water between songs, and he must have been thirsty because he guzzled it down. At least, I assume it was water.

  wee eddie 10:13 17 Sep 07

For my money a performance I saw in the early 60's was probably the most amazing.

A gang of us had gone down to Ipswich, in a bus, to see the Stones, who were due to do the whole of the second half.

The closing act of the first half was to be a guy caller Little Richard, to me, an almost unknown American coloured Rocker and "Old" as well. Then he came on and stopped the show. There were so many encores that the management eventually came on and said that unless we shut-up, there would not be time for The Stones to do their set before the theatre had to close down for the night.

His set lasted longer than the Stone's and I have never forgotten it. My life was changed from a, sort of, teenybopper to a Rock fanatic and I doubt that my Mobile Disco would have even existed, let alone survived more than a couple of years as opposed to the dozen or so that it did.

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