Peoples Postcode Lottery, Scam or Honest?

  seaeaacr1 13:54 08 May 13

My wife plays this lottery and on 03/03/2013 was informed she had won £5 which would be paid into the bank paying the Direct Debit (mine) within 28days here we are on 08/05/2013 and despite Many 'phone calls and supplying bank statements still no sign of any winnings!

  Forum Editor 14:17 08 May 13

Provided you have registered your bank account with the company you should see any winnings in your account within 28 days. This is a clearly stated commitment from the operators.

Presumably you have registered your bank account?

  morddwyd 20:59 08 May 13

This has been running for some time, seven years in Scotland, and is quite legitimate.

  wee eddie 21:09 08 May 13

It's a very good business. Gives some money to Charity and it's non-profit-making.

That means - All the profits go in Directors salaries

  morddwyd 08:45 09 May 13

"Gives some money to Charity "

"All the profits go in Director's salaries"

Can't do both, surely?

  spuds 10:29 09 May 13

You can always check the credential on registered charities, by going to the Charity Commission for information and accounts.

  wee eddie 10:46 09 May 13

morddwyd: its a business which is designed to persuade that you are giving money to Charities, after the deduction of Prize Monies, which it does.

It's a totally legit, Non Profit-making Charity. However, its Directors are not Paupers

  zippy007 10:07 04 Aug 13

postcode lottery a scam,i will tell you why,after playing for 4 months and not winning,i cancel the next months payment,only to find a week later that i have won £5 on the 16 june 2013,which was still valid upto the end of the month.after sending emails and getting comfirmation that i have won and the money would be in the bank within 28 WORKING days. Several phone calls later it would appear that they had £3000 more than usual to pay out.thats the reason for the delay.but they said they would give me a free ticket in the meantime.but need to reset up a d/d account, (paid with paypal account normally.) and they assure me that no money would come out of the bank. my answer was don,t bother. i will wait and see if ever the money turns up.

  morddwyd 10:26 04 Aug 13

I think you're on dodgy ground legally coming right out and bluntly calling it a scam.

They have obviously made some errors with regard to your account, but there are a legitimate company and may well look dimly on being called scammers!

  Forum Editor 17:19 04 Aug 13


If you pay to enter the Peoples Postcode Lottery by Direct Debit, or if you signed up by Credit Card, Debit Card or PayPal but have already registered your bank account details with the Lottery company, your prize money will be transferred to your bank account within 28 days.

Please don't make any further allegations about it being a scam, because it isn't.

  bumpkin 17:38 04 Aug 13

It is not a scam at all but why 28days to do a bank transfer?

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