People 'can't wait for ID cards'

  hssutton 08:47 07 Nov 08

Jacqui Smith says public demand means people will be able to pre-register for an ID card within the next few months. click here

Must admit to not meeting many people, but as yet I've yet met anyone who is in favour of ID cards.

Will you be pre-registering?

  Quickbeam 08:52 07 Nov 08

unless the new the ID cards will be acceptable for European travel instead of a full passport?

  Forum Editor 09:30 07 Nov 08

They get me into and out of some of the places I work, and a couple of them were not that easy to obtain. All of them involved the disclosure of some personal information, and I've noticed no ill effects to date.

One more card won't make a difference either way as far as I can see.

  canarieslover 09:35 07 Nov 08

As I'm starting to get a bit forgetful I shall probably register for one so that I can look at it and remember who I am. That's if I can remember where I put it of course.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 09:45 07 Nov 08

I'm not too fussed either way..


  dagnammit 10:36 07 Nov 08

What's the cost?

I'm applying for Irish Passports for my kids as Brit ones are too expensive.

  birdface 11:09 07 Nov 08

Nice one never thought of that.If born in Scotland or England and you have one Irish parent would the children Qualify for an Irish passport.or must you be born in Ireland.

  jtt 13:20 07 Nov 08

I don't have a problem with ID cards from a freedom point of view. I am, however, against them on cost grounds.

  Cymro. 13:21 07 Nov 08

Personally I have never had any problem with ID cards.
Granted they will be more expensive than they need to be, and I dare say that a right mess will be made of introducing them. But as for the principle of ID cards I can live with that.

There are very many people who already have some sort of ID card anyway. Most local and national government workers, members of the armed forces, students, even a passport or a driving licence can be considered just another sort of ID card.

I think that all this scaremongering about ID cards is just people looking for another stick to beat the government with. There are people, some of them on this forum who never, never say anything good about anything the government try to do.

  anchor 13:21 07 Nov 08

It seems the total cost of an ID card is likely to be £60.

click here

With a passport now costing £72, I suppose an ID card is cheaper, providing you don`t travel outside the EU.

  Condom 15:42 07 Nov 08

I'll certainly be obtaining an ID card as soon as I can. To me it is more preferable to carrying my passport around with me when I am abroad.

Earlier this year despite advising my Bank, LLoyds/TSB, that I was going abroad yet again and arranging my ususal banking facilities I was left stranded at Bangkok Airport as the ATM's were not issuing me with money and were referring me to issuing Bank. Fortunately my hotel bailed me out with a limo as they knew me.

Lloyds TSB's official written response was that payment was refused as I was unable to prove who I was. Now how do you actually prove to an ATM machine who you are even after inserting the correct card and PIN Code. THe mind boggles.

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