onionskin 20:21 01 Jan 11

With prices outstripping wages and many people's wages being frozen or even cut, the government has chosen a fine time to switch the linking of the increases in state pension from prices to wages. Nick Clegg seems to be pretty pleased about it anyway, it will probably be the only pre-election promise they keep.

  john bunyan 20:28 01 Jan 11

Totally untrue. It will be the highesy of 3 measures::
"Triple guarantee"
Minister for Pensions Steve Webb said: "We’ve taken a decision to restore the link with earnings and increase the basic State Pension by the highest of prices, earnings or 2.5 per cent. This triple guarantee will ensure that pensioners can expect a decent offering from the state in retirement."

  john bunyan 20:29 01 Jan 11

should have said highest!

  onionskin 20:52 01 Jan 11

I stand corrected. I thought it was a straight swap.

  Pineman100 18:47 02 Jan 11

I wish they'd link my pension to the fuel price index.


  ams4127 23:16 02 Jan 11

"I wish they'd link my pension to the fuel price index."

Me too. Filled up today at 123.9/ltr before the VAT rise on Tuesday.

  mole44 06:35 03 Jan 11

I bough a new Ford Fiesta Titaniun in December 2009 (son works for Ford and got a £16k motor got £12k) in anticipation of all these price rises.1.4 diesel £20 road tax and 60+mpg,it`s just a matter of thinking ahead.Same with the V.A.T. now that`s raised,retailers will be falling over themselves in the next few months to pay it for us in an effort that we open our wallets as spending starts to fall.

  Grey Goo 11:28 03 Jan 11

Only do a fraction of the mileage I used to do, now retired and enjoying my 350Z. I am not crawling around in a dinky toy for anyone.

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