Penalty Shoot Outs, what would you want to see to be fair.

  Ex plorer 20 Nov 12

Penalty shoot outs, I hate that in football and it needs changing teams slog there way to the top and are given a penalty if they draw after extra time.

I reckon the ball should be moved back a further five yards, and the teams all twelve on each side should try and score and then it wouldn't fall on one mans shoulders. Call it(Team shoot out)

What would you like to see different rather than the penalty shoot out.

Maybe opinions have been done before in this forum I cant remember.

  wiz-king 20 Nov 12

Dont have them - make the poor little dears play till they drop in more extra time.

  wee eddie 20 Nov 12

As the whole of the Televised Football is a Moneymaking racket, I suggest the instead of a Penalty Shoot-out, the two Club Chairman sit either side of a table and the one that offers the biggest bribe gets the points.

  Aitchbee 20 Nov 12

Reconfigure the penalty shoot-out so it ALWAYS takes place BEFORE the actual match ... and in the event of a draw after 90 minutes, the team that scored the most pre-match penalties, wins the match and full points.

  Blackhat 20 Nov 12

How about the penalty shoot out first and if there is a draw play non stop until one team has 3 more goals than the other. That way you could get big events like the world cup over in just a couple of days.

Totally non commercial idea but take the mad money out of the game for a few years and get back to a realistic sport. Football (like many other sports) is completely governed by the money, that 90 minute thing on a piece of grass only exists now to justify the monies.

Just Grandstand on a Saturday afternoon and stadiums full. Average wages for players and decent ticket prices. By average wage I mean UK you and me.

Yes I am no fan of football, haven’t watched a game for more than 20 years, never been to a match and never will.

Rant over (tongue in cheek). Aitchbee, you beet me to the shoot out first while I was typing this.

  wee eddie 20 Nov 12

I think that the pre-Match Shoot-out is a marvellous idea.

  morddwyd 20 Nov 12

Toss a coin.

  Bing.alau 20 Nov 12

When we were kids playing in the park, we used to go on playing until one team scored. They were the winners. They now call it the Golden Goal. To my mind the fittest team should always win, but of course that will not necessarily happen. Of course there would have to be adjustments for the extra time in case a player had been sent off in normal time etc. But during extra time no subs allowed, no stopping play or changing ends, just carry on until one side scores.

  WhiteTruckMan 20 Nov 12

How about the losing team just doesn't get paid.


  Woolwell 20 Nov 12

WTM - In which case my local team would not have been paid for some weeks. Sounds a good idea - it might wake them up!

  Ex plorer 21 Nov 12

Must admit I like Aitchbee idea, shoot out before the match.


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