Pearls of Wisdom

  Bingalau 12:53 13 Jan 07

I've just received these pearls of wisdom from a fiend in Australia, thought some of you might like them? ..Bingalau..

Thought these were apt.

1. Home is where you hang your @

2. The E-mail of the species is more deadly than the mail.

3. A journey of a thousand sites begins with a single click.

4. You can't teach a new mouse old clicks.

5. Great groups from little icons grow.

6. Speak softly and carry a cellular phone.

7. C:\ is the root of all directories.

8. Don't put all your hypes in one home page.

9. Pentium wise; pen and paper foolish.

10. The modem is the message.

11. Too many clicks spoil the browse.

12. The geek shall inherit the earth.

13. A chat has nine lives.

14. Don't byte off more than you can view.

15. Fax is stranger than fiction.

16. What boots up must come down.

17. Windows will never cease.

18. Virtual reality is its own reward.

19. Modulation in all things.

20. There's no place like click here

21. Know what to expect before you connect.

23. Oh, what a tangled website we weave when first we practice.

24.Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day: teach him to use the
Net and he won't bother you!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:18 13 Jan 07

Some fiendish advice there Bingalau.

  SANTOS7 13:23 13 Jan 07

Not sure about 24, do that and he's on here every day
asking the questions "me Pcs busted"!!!

  Forum Editor 21:23 13 Jan 07

for a long time.

  Kev.Ifty 00:07 14 Jan 07

Just thought of one.... Do not covet thy neighbor's wifi


  Totally-braindead 00:46 14 Jan 07

Kev.Ifty that one is particularly apt as I was just discussing that with someone last night.
Like the list Bingalau.

  Forum Editor 01:04 14 Jan 07


  Watchful 18:52 14 Jan 07

...nor his digi b(ox) nor his Asus, nor anything that is his.

Oh dear!

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