Peace offering

  oresome 21:03 23 Sep 09

Will the PMs offer to reduce our nuclear submarine fleet from 4 to 3 be seen as a genuine offer to reduce our nuclear weapons, or that we can't afford 4?

  interzone55 21:09 23 Sep 09

I think that governments are now realising that nuclear deterrents are now a luxury we can ill afford, especially as they're little deterrent against the people causing the most harm...

  Picklefactory 22:42 23 Sep 09

I'm not sure it is an offer reduce our nuclear weapons. I have only heard mention of reducing the amount of submarines, not the amount of missiles.

  Forum Editor 22:45 23 Sep 09

The reduction from four to three vessels will make virtually no difference in terms of the numbers of nuclear weapons in the world, and the cost saving we'll make will relatively insignificant.

It's not going to happen for ten years in any case.

  Bingalau 22:50 23 Sep 09

I think that any cuts in our armed forces is a mistake. We should be gearing up for the inevitable. Bring back Winston Churchill...

  morddwyd 07:42 24 Sep 09

The offer is to reduce the number of launch vehicles, not the number of warheads.

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I think that with some rogue nations now suspected of having nuclear weapons the concept of MAD must start to be relevant again.

  Kevscar1 10:38 24 Sep 09

MAD means nothing to terrorists. If they do set off a nuke do you really think we or America would wipe out a complete nation in a retalitory strike.

  morddwyd 11:07 24 Sep 09

I wasn't referring to terrorists, but rogue nations such as Iran or Libya - Oh, I forgot, Libya is now a centre of excellence for democracy and human rights.

  spuds 11:22 24 Sep 09

I recall reading many years ago, that the total destruction of earth in its present form will be through the actions of a 'third world' country. A country that as always been classed as a poverty stricken nation who "wouldn't dare to blackmail anyone or any of the major powers".

Conspiricy theory perhaps, but still possible!.

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