PCAdvisor has over 1000 Free Programs in Download Section

  lotvic 23:25 09 Jun 11

pm (23:25)

Been looking around the new site and am impressed by Downloads Section there are 2,515 Software Downloads and among them 52 pages of Freeware. Over a 1,000 free programs :) ClickHere

Excellent, saves me a lot of hunting about looking for safe downloads. Has anyone else had a browse through them yet?

  daz60 01:47 10 Jun 11

Good link.Bookmarked for future perusal.

  Simsy 08:55 10 Jun 11

I haven't for a long time, but when I first started computing, and became a member of this site, back in early 2001, I had a folder on my harddrive which I named, "Downloads from PCAdvisor". I didn't know where else to go fro free sueful software!



  Jwbjnwolf 12:23 10 Jun 11

Thanks. A couple of times I have looked through and have been impressed but a number of the stuff I have already but I think I will have another look as I have not looked for a while lately.


glad sch is finished now for me. Cannot wait for collage:)

  Snec 10:38 11 Jun 11

Jason, I don't remember ever doing even one more collage after I left 'sch' but Good Luck with it anyway!

  octal 23:12 11 Jun 11

They have also got Linux software as well. Some of the programs I have never heard of, but well done PCA for thinking of us minority users.

I am just wondering the value of offering those programs though, because there are a couple of things that come to mind, firstly most distributions have lots of programs already in their repositories that are tailored for the particular distribution, Ubuntu has has over 30,000 packages, also they warn people against installing off the official repository because there is the security issue of installing programs from external sources, I am not accusing PCA of being insecure, but it is one of the strengths of Linux is that there is no need to install anything from outside.

I had a look though the list and most of the programs are already in the Ubuntu repository or the ones I haven't heard of have an equivalent program in the repository.

The Linux distributions is a really useful list, thanks for publishing them, hopefully it will give people an insight that there is more around than just Microsoft Windows.

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