PCA Website Updates!.

  spuds 16 May 11

Not sure if this is the correct forum, or whether I have missed any specific postings regarding the PCA website and behind the scenes activities?.

Since the release of the new site, there still seems to be rather annoying obstacles, like being unable to post, being logged out, low speeds, and sometimes not being able to get into the site at all.

So a very simple request- Are there any latest updates?.

  anchor 17 May 11

A minor point, but perhaps PCA could revert to using the 24hr clock for postings.

  Woolwell 17 May 11

There seem to be a number of old threads re-surfacing. The reintroduction of the original date in the list of threads would help in identifying these.

  Quickbeam 17 May 11

"Do you keep a library" No, it's just one of those doodle sites to pass the time away, maybe I should have mentioned it in the time wasting PCA questionnaire, but I don't feel I'm wasting my time there.

  Terry Brown 17 May 11

For all thse GRUMBLERS

When this site was first upgraded, it had many problems, which are slowly being resolved. The current version is a lot better than the first, and for a FREE service (YES- something for nothing), I don't feel the complaining is justified.

Forum Editor

You mentioned other websites, any chance of letting us loose on them ?


  ¿ unsure ¿ 17 May 11

Terry Brown

Look at the very bottom of this page

  Quickbeam 16 May 11

Have you tried the PCA SP1a?

  buteman 16 May 11

Not so many slow downs now and just the occasional not being able to log in and the odd can't post but getting better every week.

Still got a lot of work to do on it yet so give it to the end of next month and most things should be sorted.

  spuds 16 May 11


SP1a, I though that was Windows or was it the first PCA website all those years ago :O)

  spuds 16 May 11


"end of the month"--I only hope so!.

  Covergirl 16 May 11

Hopefully, all the "updates" are being compiled for a mass refresh, or nothing (or very little) is continually happening very slowly.

"Give it to the end of next month . . . " ???

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