PCA still loading

  Colonel Graham 23:30 PM 17 Jul 11

Quite often I'm getting the 'loading' circle going round like billy-o when it has clearly finished loading. Anyone else?

  wee eddie 04:46 AM 18 Jul 11

It's still loading those lovely Adverts!

That help pay the bills.

  sunnystaines 08:40 AM 18 Jul 11

yesterday got a load of grey screens where pca failed to load. ok today

  Colonel Graham 10:06 AM 18 Jul 11

Aha, it'll be the adverts then.

  birdface 10:33 AM 18 Jul 11

I used to get the same problem when using IE8-9.

It took me about 6 months to find out what was causing it and it was a host file that I had downloaded a year or so ago.

I removed that reinstalled the windows host file and everything was Ok again.

It may not be your problem but it was mine.

Or maybe the opposite may work for you and download a new host file.

  wee eddie 15:22 PM 18 Jul 11

The most annoying thing about the Adverts is that my Screen jumps about an inch, down, just as I click on a link and then some inane advert loads instead.

  woodchip 15:37 PM 18 Jul 11

Turn off Java Script in your Browser


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