PCA site move

  Forum Editor 02 Jun 11

We're planning to move the site onto its brand-new servers on Saturday morning, and this may result in some off-line time at around 11:00 a.m.

We'll obviously try to keep any service disruption to an absolute minimum - please accept our apologies in advance for any inconvenience. Once we're settled into our new hardware, site performance should be improved.

  lotvic 02 Jun 11

Fingers crossed, thanks for letting us know.

  Autoschediastic 02 Jun 11

Fantastic! is there going to be any difference for us guys Peter? will we see any changes?

  Forum Editor 02 Jun 11


The idea behind this is to improve site performance - pages should load quickly, and you shouldn't have the waiting problem when you post.

Our site is subject to heavy traffic loads at peak times, and the new hardware should handle that better.

  Autoschediastic 03 Jun 11

Thanks Peter! ive got to admit though i haven't had an issue with loading of any pages recently? but for the benefit of others i understand..

  Chegs ®™ 03 Jun 11

Thanks Peter,not had any issues loading pages though have suffered regular inability to post responses(though a quick refresh fixes that)

On a side note....

I've still never managed to post a response via my mobile,all I see is a "click here to switch to full version"(or similar wording)& whenever I do click here,or try post response I get logged out & taken to PCA home page.This is extremely frustrating as typing up replies on my phone isnt exactly enjoyable(full qwerty mini keyboard)only to have it vanish.Could this be a problem caused by the new site,or just simply my phone being a git & I have to type faster to beat the "timing out auto-disconnect" of my phones internet connection?

  Al94 03 Jun 11

I find the site almost unusable at the moment, large flashing black box covering 3/4 of the screen with a broken up ad for cash for mobiles randomly flashing in the box.

  smokingbeagle 03 Jun 11

May we call you Pete?


  flycatcher1 03 Jun 11

smokingbeagle. You are asking for trouble!

  Colin 03 Jun 11

Good luck with the move - I hope all our perseverance and patience will have been worth it. By that I mean the FE, the PCA backroom staff and us loyal members!

  Bingalau 03 Jun 11

Brumas should still be able to stick a few postcards on prior to that I hope?


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