PCA Site a bit slower tonight?

  lucky1 19:53 PM 14 Apr 11

Or is it just me!

  morddwyd 19:55 PM 14 Apr 11

Not just you.

Definitely sluggish.

  ams4127 19:55 PM 14 Apr 11

Extremely slow. I'm closing it down and giving up.

  lucky1 20:01 PM 14 Apr 11

Thanks for the replies. This machine is three days old and I got a bit paranoid!

  alB 20:16 PM 14 Apr 11

Dead slow for me too ...alB

  VCR97 20:45 PM 14 Apr 11

"Sluggish" is putting it mildly. Just timed one thread opening at about 75 seconds.

  birdface 21:08 PM 14 Apr 11

Looks like the gang at PCA are doing a bit of overtime tonight. Very slow here as well.

  lucky1 21:13 PM 14 Apr 11

Another shilling in the meter!

  Woolwell 21:19 PM 14 Apr 11

It seems to have speeded up now.

  Al94 21:56 PM 14 Apr 11

Who messed it up with that bloody awful HP static advert hiding behind the forum? A complete dog's dinner!

  Al94 00:04 AM 15 Apr 11

Good to see it's gone and thanks to whoever tidied up my post - that's a first!


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