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  cocteau48 15:10 13 Nov 09

For as long as I can remember accessing this site in Firefox with Adblock Plus enabled has always left a blue border on either side of the main body of the page.

It was OK a couple of hours ago but this border has now turned to black instead of blue.

No other websites are affected in a similar way.

Is it just me?

  cocteau48 15:27 13 Nov 09

Just checked the laptop and it is the same there so I guess it is not down my system.

  birdface 15:32 13 Nov 09

I can confirm that i also have the black border using IE8

  birdface 15:37 13 Nov 09

Must have changed something when trying to sort the pop up problem.
Maybe you should contact FE and let him know.

  cocteau48 15:38 13 Nov 09

Sea Urchin

Blue was a little easier on the eye - that's all.

  Sea Urchin 15:39 13 Nov 09

Yes it's black today instead of blue - is that a problem?

  cocteau48 15:40 13 Nov 09

OK Sea Urchin ..... so how did I answer your question before you posted it? .... spooky!

  Managing ed 15:43 13 Nov 09

The black side panels are a style decision we're trying out - what do you think?

  birdface 15:44 13 Nov 09

No just a change.

  birdface 15:47 13 Nov 09

Something far wrong with the site the post are now missing.

  cocteau48 15:47 13 Nov 09

Friday 13th !!!!!

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