PCA Readability

  morddwyd 08:17 28 Feb 11

I'm going to have to stop taking PCA.

Not because of any dissatisfaction, but simply because I am now finding it so difficult to read.

My sight problems mean I have trouble with contrast, and, unlike the website, where I can set my own colours, the magazine seems to contain more and more material where the print is white on grey, or black on blue or some other unreadable combination.

Anyone else have this problem, and did you find a solution, other than reading it on-line?

  wiz-king 08:33 28 Feb 11

Yes, I can read it OK but prefer not to. I'm a Luddite and prefer black on white(ish).

  Seth Haniel 09:06 28 Feb 11

usually have no problem but the ORANGE background just does not makee for easy reading :(

  spuds 09:18 28 Feb 11

An interesting issue raised, regarding vision. A few years ago I was involved with some newsletters, and sought the help of the local Blind Institute (now called Vista).

Getting involved with some of the people with various sight problems was very interesting, especially those involved on a daily routine of producing newsletters, websites and other visible communication matter. Colour and shading was one of the main problem topics.

From that experience, it became clear that some printing houses have never approached the subject, and how it effects others, and what simple adjustments can be undertaken to perhaps remedy some of the problems.

My eye sight as always been extremely good in the past, except for recent years of signs of deterioration, especially in reading non-adjustable small print on the likes of websites or labeling. Reading glasses and an occasional help of a magnifying glass seems to help considerably. Fortunately I am not colour blind, yet.

  n47. 09:56 28 Feb 11

because of the increasing difficulty to read some articles.

  HondaMan 10:40 28 Feb 11

I'm sorry to say that I have to agree that the magazine is very difficult to read, as indeed are many others, Amateur Photographer is one such example. What appears very clear on a monitor, may be almost illegible on paper. Come on editors, make your magazines clear and legible, black on white!

Magazines have gone the way of television when it comes to exploiting the capabilities of computerisation whilst forgetting the important factor that it's CONTENT NOT APPEARANCE which counts

  spuds 11:06 28 Feb 11

As a matter of curiosity, does printing of magazines come under the DDA?.

I note that there are quite a number of printed matter, that now have instructions on how to receive alternative copies under different procedures or formats (bigger print,braille, audio).

  sunnystaines 13:01 28 Feb 11

straining to read such poorly designed pages like this gives me headaches.

cannot understand why mags do this.

perhaps PCA can explain why we cannot have clear easy to read print please.

  Bingalau 13:21 28 Feb 11

When I served my apprenticeship as a compositor, we were instructed on the compatibility of colours. No one would have dream-ed of using the colour schemes that seem to be common today. We were made aware that lots of people have eye problems and that there are colour blind people. But I think that todays magazines are all tiddlied up on computers and are probably never proof read anyway. I've thrown down many a magazine in waiting rooms and airports and even on planes because I couldn't see the print. Do they still teach the colour circle in schools I wonder?

  jakimo 13:26 28 Feb 11

this is problem with a number of magazines, don't they proof read anymore?

  johndrew 14:06 28 Feb 11

This subject was raised both in these Forums and the magazine some time ago. A promise was made by 'senior management' to look into the problem and attempt to avoid combinations which caused difficulty in reading - this apparently has gone by the wayside.

But then it is only a problem to a minority who have a sight deficiency and, presumably, fails to require a clear instruction to those who produce the 'pretty' pages!!!!!! :-(((

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