Is PCA NOT going slow today?

  Nontek 01 Aug 12

I hope I do not put the colly-wobbles on things, but I propose a big vote of Thanks to the back-room boys/gals. All appears to be going like the clappers this morning.

Long may it last!

  Aitchbee 01 Aug 12

What does the MY PREFERENCES suppose to display? Is that a new addition, near top of 'home page'...I get a mostly blank area in the middle of my screen when I click on it.

  Nontek 01 Aug 12


Click on 'My Preferences' at top-right of this page - you should then see a long list of Items which you may tick to indicate your own personal interests/preference.

  Nontek 01 Aug 12

I meant to add - it is mainly Newsletter preferences, which you may opt to receive.

  Al94 01 Aug 12

Still getting error messages

Site Error

It appears the site had some difficulty proccessing your request and has errored internally.

An email has automatically been sent to technical support.

If you would like to tell us more about what occured please email at our webmaster address webmaster ([email protected])

  Nontek 01 Aug 12


Hmm, maybe I was wrong? Though my own is flying!

  buteman 01 Aug 12

I would say a lot quicker ,No more getting stuck on waiting for Pc it used to stick on that for 10 seconds or so.

Still takes about 10 seconds to sign in but apart from that it is quicker.

I also had the site error earlier this morning but maybe that is fixed now as well,only time will tell.

But so far so good.

  onthelimit1 01 Aug 12

'Still takes about 10 seconds to sign in'

Hmm - I don't have to do that?

  buteman 01 Aug 12


I take it you stay signed in.

I have the cookies set to be removed every time that I close I/E or Firefox.Just the way I work things and probably one of the few that does it.

But just to agree once more a lot quicker today so lets hope it can stay that way.

  Nontek 01 Aug 12

I too stay signed-in, saves time!

  spuds 01 Aug 12

Site Error message also, but it seems strange this only occurs on 'My Posts' and not on direct forum contact links. I mentioned this in the past, and the FE seemed to mention it was a 'real time' server issue?.


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